23 [f4m] - looking for sub guys, i'm not a bot, super freaky, and highly demanding!!

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    horny and wet as fuck looking for dumb ass guys to use like tools i want someone who is clingy and submissive to spam me pics on a daily basis and just let me use him completely... [I DON'T SEND ANYTHING] [I DON'T SEND REWARDS] [I DON'T TRADE] [ I DON'T SEND PROOF PICS] i'm extremely selfish, and extremely demanding, looking for guys who i can use to get off whenever the fuck i want, i want to be your one and only, i want you fucking attached to me like glue, need someone willing to commit, willing to obey, and someone who won't leave me on R because they're to lazy to meet me demanding needs, you will never get anything in return from me, if asked you will be immediately blocked, because i don't give a shit about you or your needs. i want someone who will keep coming after me no matter what, i want someone who gets easily attached, and gets addicted, i wanna be his fucking drug, and i want him to constantly spam the fuck out of me on kik with pics and vids of him, full body nude flexing, biceps, armpits, facial hair 3 pics different angles, chest, abdomen, cock, balls, ass spread, thighs, legs, and feet in ankle socks with slides on, all separately taken, right off the bat, constantly sent throughout the day, (always newly taken) i do not accept old pics, if you resend me old pics you will be blocked, i have low tolerance, and i'm not easy to get along with, i ignore almost everyone unless they attempt to turn me on, so send seductive stripping videos, showering videos, using the bathroom videos, sex videos, work out videos, just film everything basically, make me a part of your life as much as possible, all videos are to be done with the phone being set on the floor, against the wall, angled so that i am able to see all of you including your feet (not underneath you), make sure you're wearing ankle socks with slides on if you have slides as well, if you don't have slides on then just the ankle socks, (never bare feet) i wanna be able to see every single thing you do, so film it all, i love when men put me into their life as much as virtually possible, i want to be with you wherever you go, even if i ignore you still spam me with pics and videos i love seeing you, i love being able to watch you, i want full commitment, and loyalty, don't ever leave me, don't ever allow me to leave you, if i block you, and you really thought we had something special, make a new kik, if not move on, i will never unblock you after you're blocked, also i do not keep chats after i have gotten off to you, that is why i ask men to constantly spam me with pics, and videos of previously requested stuff, and honestly i just love watching men go about their days i like being a part of your lives if possible.

    (MUST READ) Rules:
    Refer to me as a dominant male: calling me dad, daddy, sir, etc, just view me as a guy completely.
    Do not use female terms, don't even view me as a female, it bothers me (I don't care if you think i'm a guy, I prefer men who do anyway.)
    Do not ask for anything, no pics, vids, nothing, you will be blocked immediately.
    Don't ask for skype/video calls on kik, or ask me to show myself in anyway shape or form, meaning no rewards, no video calls, no nothing, ill make it crystal clear, i do not send anything, i do not prove myself, i do not show myself, ever.
    Do not leave me on R on kik you will be blocked after 20 min max (if you're told to do something, say "yes sir" in acknowledgement.)
    Don't bitch, complain, or tell me no, i hate being denied getting off.
    Don't talk shit, or talk down to me, you will be blocked, i will not read your negative comments/opinions.

    kik: emogalx84

    Please also copy/paste this onto another fourm, so that i am able to find more willing male subs.