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Username: Mariahdaley
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Age: 16
About: Looking for some fun with words- no nudes atm tho - somebody message me- I reply to everyone unless its u and ur special
Joining Date: 09.10.2014
Username: k_335
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Age: 18
About: i talk dirty and send nudes
Joining Date: 12.07.2014
Username: katkitkat2014
Sex: female
Orientation: bi
Age: 14
About: Hey,14 and a girl. I\'m a tad bit shy, but I like to make new friends :-) So kik me
Joining Date: 20.11.2014 New!
Username: Packerwc1999carlson
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Age: 15
About: love movies, athletic, australian fun to talk to and be around, the girl in the blue.
Joining Date: 01.08.2014
Username: xkanni
Sex: female
Orientation: straight
Age: 19
About: Kik me guys.. ;)
Joining Date: 11.04.2014